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Vivariums In The Mist specializes in custom vivarium & terrarium displays for both home and office. Whether for a specific animal or planted only, we can design & build to your specifications.

In addition, we often have on hand several established planted vivariums and/or terrariums that are ready for frogs or reptiles. Please feel free to contact us for what is currently available.

Terrarium hardscape water feature

Did you know? Planted vivariums & terrariums make amazing & relaxing displays in offices, schools, hotels, hospitals, patient waiting rooms and other places of business.  Providing all the benefits of an aquarium, our displays require minimal maintenance and are much more cost effective. Plus there is no danger of hundreds of gallons of water flooding and damaging your office! Email us for more information and for a free quote to bring a slice of the jungle to your office.

For more information on getting your very own Custom Vivarium Display or to make an appointment to visit our fully stocked showroom email us at:


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Coming Soon… Our band new Showroom Layout with added square footage and new Large Displays, including the new Biopod Ecosystems!